About Mãe Africa


The name “Mãe Africa” is a play on words inspired by the Afro-Brazilian diaspora. Mãe is Portuguese for mother but pronounced “My”. Thus, “Mother Africa”. 

Mãe Africa Development Initiative is a non-profit cultural enterprise effecting specially curated “nomadic” styled exhibitions which showcase the diversity of African cultural landscape and history mainly through art. Its objectives are broadly centered on African development with explicit focus on the conservation, safeguarding and promotion of heritage and cultural expressions in all their forms.


  • 2006: Mãe Africa is conceptualized by Temi Fet’era, after writing this article
  • 2014: Incorporated in Nigeria in February.
  • 2019: Mãe Africa becomes operational and holds its first-ever event in London from November 29 to 01 December 


Mãe Africa is a non-profit cultural enterprise with a mission to conserve and protect Africa’s cultural heritage and history, and support social and economic development through creative industries.

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