SCARRED by Mãe Africa©  is a public exhibition showcasing ethnic groups across Africa and their respective displays of cultural identity through body art. The aim is to educate and raise awareness on the origin and impact of ancient cultural practices, some of which are still in existence and most of which are vanishing. In addition to exhibited works, a body painting booth and a panel discussion, a documentary preview featuring specialist interviews will be screened.

SCARRED holds both historical and social significance. Beyond documenting traditional expressions and preserving in history the values that inspired and informed them, SCARRED will provide a platform to share experiences on the stigma surrounding bearers of ancient cultural expressions of beauty, identity and spirituality, specifically tribal markings. The opinions from our spotlight discussions are the maker’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mãe Africa.


Award winning visual artists: Nadine Ibrahim, Trevor Cole, Eric Lafforgue and a dynamic group of vibrant talents including Hannah Longole and Anibal Bueno.

Nadine Ibrahim


Trevor Cole

Visual Artist

Eric Lafforgue

Visual Artist

Hannah Longole

Journalist, Photographer and Videographer.

Anibal Bueno

Travel Journalist


Laurence Sessou

Neuromuscular Therapist

Ryan Ouellette

Body Art Professional

Dr. Toyin Ajao

Feminist activist and writer

Anyango Mpinga

Eco Innovator

Dr. Chuu Kryzd Ikwuemesi

Painter, Art critic and an Ethno-aesthetician

Nallah Balassama Sangaré

Makeup artist,Creative Director and Photographer

Schedule Details Event Schedules

06.30 PM Invite Only
Exhibition Preview

Exhibition Preview

SCARRED by Mãe-Africa

Exhibition Preview, Documentary screening and Reception

11.00 - 08.00 PM
Public Opening

Public Opening

SCARRED by Mãe-Africa

11.00 - 07.00 PM
Public Opening

Public Opening

SCARRED by Mãe-Africa

Free Entry

05.00 - 06.30 PM
Spotlight Conversation

Spotlight Conversation

SCARRED by Mãe-Africa

Spotlight Conversation

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